The Greater Atlanta Alumnae Association of Alpha Delta Pi strives to provide an atmosphere where friendships develop, grow and mature; where service to the community is valued; and where personal development for alumnae as well as collegians is enhanced – resulting in maximized participation of members.

In addition to fostering a sense of connection and sisterhood between Alpha Delta Pi and our alumnae members, we are also very supportive of our collegiate members. We provide assistance during recruitment, help with philanthropy events, host an annual Jewel Degree and career panel, and have created a scholarship through the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation.

The Deen Day Sanders Scholarship Fund was established in 2016 and endowed in 2020 to support collegiate sisters from any Georgia chapter with tuition, books, and school fees. Named for a remarkable sister, Deen Day Sanders – Beta Sigma, Mercer University, we are fortunate to be able to honor her legacy and provide financial support to sisters for a lifetime. You can learn more about the fund HERE.