Deen Day Sanders Scholarship: Thank you for making this possible!

Our small, but mighty alumnae association raised more than $25,000 to fully endow our Deen Day Sanders Scholarship Fund through the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. Named in honor of a sister who has given so much to Alpha Delta Pi and also our community, it’s only fitting that we celebrate and recognize Deen Day Sanders, Beta Sigma Chapter – Mercer University.

Fully endowing this scholarship could not have been possible without our Alpha Delta Pi sisters who encouraged us to keep pushing forward. When Bonnie Neff Pennington, Xi Chapter – Ohio University, the former President of GAAAA along with the 2016 GAAAA Board of Directors decided to commit to this as part of the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation We Believe Capital Campaign, it was not common for an alumnae association, especially one with less than 100 members, to tackle this kind of fundraising challenge.

But we did it.

The Greater Atlanta Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association and more than 50 sisters representing 34 different chapters (along with husbands, brothers, employers, and friends) rallied around the cause. It’s because of their collective efforts we are able to give the gift of scholarship to sisters, right here in our community, to help them reach their educational goals.

Thank you to the following for making this possible:

Jennifer Anderson, Alpha Kappa; Beth Beers, Zeta Omicron; Jocelyn Garrison Boatwright, Beta Sigma; Tyler Lawrence Bradley, Lambda; Vanessa Moore Bramble, Gamma Phi; Darci Brandon, Theta Upsilon; Carol Dai Brotherton, Alpha Iota; Annie Bryant, Delta Delta; Zelma Mae Cable, Zeta Delta; Kelly Donovan Clark, Gamma Delta; Sarah Cone, Alpha Xi; Sarah Davis-Candeto, Epsilon Psi; Alicia Edwards, Epsilon Pi; Emily Erkel, Zeta Chi; Sarah Dibrell Gallaher, Gamma Chi; Tracy Garner, Zeta Omicron; Kirby Garner; Michelle Clem Harvin, Lambda; Christine Podwoski Hawkins, Zeta Iota; Vickie Bowen Henry, Theta Upsilon; Courtney Hettinger, Theta Upsilon; Susan Hitchcock, Epsilon Psi; Meg Hoffay, Theta Theta; Belinda Landers Jackson, Lambda; Jill Hout Jarvis, Epsilon Nu; Ginny-Beth Joiner, Zeta Epsilon; Jessica Luthringshauser Julian, Zeta Mu; Monica Souther Keller, Zeta Iota; Amy Hall Kilbride, Zeta; Brandy Boyle Lafayette, Alpha Beta; Hannah Lambert, Theta Upsilon; Melissa Langham, Delta Sigma; Jennifer Turk Lee, Eta; Liz Helmer Loreti, Zeta Omega; Alessio Loreti; Erica Abood Lynch, Zeta Sigma; Mary Hollis McGreevy, Delta Alpha; Becky Hotz McMahon, Zeta Omicron; Monique Sirrine Miklovic, Alpha Psi; Susan Meyer Moore, Gamma Mu; Melissa Mahan Nicol, Gamma Phi; Paige Elrod Overstreet, Beta Upsilon; Kate Parnell, Zeta Iota; Bonnie Neff Pennington, Xi; Amanda Eidenire Ray, Theta Upsilon; Jen Davis Rockett, Zeta Omicron; Teri Rogers, Zeta Omicron; Galen Kilpatrick Smith, Zeta Omicron; Lucia Rawson Strickland, Zeta Omicron; Anna Kate Sumler, Zeta Iota; Lexi Crockett Tanner, Zeta Zeta; Sally Beggs Thomas, Beta Sigma; Amy Abbott Todd, Zeta Nu; Janet Snow Turk, Eta; Terri Roush Waller, Zeta Omicron; Susannah Gordon White, Lambda; Jan Hancock Wooldridge, Alpha Zeta; Shauna Thorne York, Omega Alpha; Cindi Sotire Zubia, Zeta Omicron; Greater Atlanta Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association; Zeta Zeta Chapter; Sunbelt Glaziers; Noonday Collection; The Home Depot Matching Gifts Program.

This scholarship…OUR scholarship…will be awarded for the first time in the 2021-2022 academic year and will be awarded in perpetuity to collegiate members of Alpha Delta Pi from any Georgia Chapter. 

This is truly is the gift that keeps on giving. 

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