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Welcome Atlanta Alumnae! We’re glad you’re here! 

Founded in 1996, the Greater Atlanta Alumnae Association of Alpha Delta Pi strives to provide an atmosphere where friendships develop, grow and mature; where service to the community is valued; and where personal development for alumnae as well as collegians is enhanced – resulting in maximized participation of members.

Whether you’re new to Atlanta, from one of our local chapters, or just want to reconnect to Alpha Delta Pi, now is an excellent time to become a member of GAAAA!

We offer regular opportunities to volunteer with two Atlanta RMHC’s, connection to sisters across the metro Atlanta area, support to our local chapters around the Atlanta area (Beta Nu – University of Georgia, Delta Alpha – Emory University, Theta Upsilon – Shorter University, Lambda-Brenau University and Zeta Omicron – Georgia Tech), networking opportunities, social events, and a variety of ways to further the love and mission of Alpha Delta Pi through our alumnae members.

Have you been to Alpha Delta Pi’s Memorial Headquarters? The beautiful and historic Executive Office is located right here in the heart of Atlanta. We’re fortunate enough to host our Jewel Degree and Holiday Tea right there on site!


Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming event details. And visit the “JOIN NOW” page to become a member! We look forward to seeing you around!